Port Authority Police Officer digs. I remember one morning in February. I was so tired. I hadn't left the hole in 13 hours. You kind of have to stay as you never know what each minute may bring. But I was done - exhausted. A Chief I knew was near me, digging. I asked if it would be okay if I helped. He said "Grab a rake & start. There's no method, Gary. Just find a spot & dig." And that's what I did. I was so honored that he would let me dig alongside him. No computers. No technical training. No maps. This was as simple and basic as things get. Pick a spot, dig & hope. And it was very scary as you would imagine. But I felt so good to be able to have a chance to help in a different way than I had been accustomed to. And it was that morning, when I was on my knees digging, not knowing what I would find, that everything just seemed to come together for me. Now, I really knew what Ground Zero was about. Doing this gave me an even deeper understanding and respect for all the men I had been shooting all those months.

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