In January, 2002, I had the pleasure to meet the new FDNY Chaplain, Father Chris Keenan. He said to me, "Hi, I'm the new Probie." He knew Father Judge well and it was a big task to step into this position. He has quickly won the hearts of many as he is kind, giving and extremely sincere. I was at the funeral of the mother of a Ground Zero rescue worker in Brookyln. In walked Father Keenan out of the blue and delivered a beautiful euology and then sang a touching prayer. This rescue worker had lost his mother right in the middle of watching the 9-11 special on CBS at a special room at Ground Zero. When Father Keenan heard of this, he found out where the funeral was and showed up. That's who Father Keenan is. And one day, when I was feeling down after watching a recovery, Father Keenan said, "Gary, two bullets went into the World Trade Center, but only love came out. Remember that." This portrait I shot of Father Chris is under the giant cross that Frank Silecchia found in the rubble on Day 3. The beam fell from the 67th floor, formed in a crucifix, and landed upright in the rubble.

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