Old Glory Stands Strong" - Zoom. This is my favorite photo. As chilling as it is, the American flag blowing in the foreground gives me hope and pride. The general consensus has overwhelming said that the "effigy" type image on the South Wall is that of Jesus Christ on the Cross. There's the cross and a head with beard. However, many people also see a large, shroud-like face. And yet again, more people see what appears to be Mary kneeling and praying, on the ground in the rubble, before Jesus. There is a link on the introduction page that takes you to many versions of this photo and also another photo of South Tower falling that appears to have an angel in the smoke.. None are touched-up, adobe photoshopped or messed with in any way. See what you will - I see something on that South wall and in the smoke and it is a sign for me that everyone was and is being watched over by a Good, higher power on that WTC ground.

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